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5 Second Test for B2B Landing Pages

Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate with 5 Second Test Insights 

Real user feedback, what your analytics can't tell you!


Don't let a bad first impression cost you a good lead. Learn how to survive the snap judgement. →


  •   Find out what real people say about your page!

    We collect 60 responses from 20 users to understand their snap judgement.

  •  See if your Landing Pages passes or fails

    Compare your test results to other B2B landing pages.

  •  30 minute consultation

    We'll help you determine the best course of action for your landing page based on usability trends and best practices.


The 5 Second Test has helped these companies:

Logo of Intellitec who took The 5 Second Test
Logo of KwikTag who wanted to improve their conversion rate.
Logo of Miller Edge who wanted to know what might me causing a high bounce rate.
Logo of Modern Controls who wanted to know if their website was perceived as old.
Logo of of Murray Corp who wanted more leads from their new website.
Logo of Pegasus who wanted to know if their homepage bounce rate could be reduced.